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May 29 2016


Why GTE Home Loans

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If you want a home loan, GTE Financial is preparing to go! Whether you are purchasing, refinancing or require a home equity loan, you can apply online, inside the convenience of your home, and get an instant pre-approval.

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We're local, which means your application is reviewed and selected right here in Tampa. This allows us to get you a response fast, plus you can be confident that we're right around the corner if you need us.

A majority of GTE Financial mortgages close within Thirty days! Our #1 priority is that you simply - and that means having your home loan closed ASAP. We've streamlined the mortgage tactic to ensure it goes as swiftly as it can.

Need to speak with a mortgage specialist when it is convenient for you? There�s a GTE Home Loan Officer waiting for your call day or night, weekday or weekend! Give u a call us at.

When you've got questions, we have answers! Make the most of GTE Financial�s BALANCE Financial Fitness routine. Talk to a financial specialist on the mobile phone for free and get suggestions about budgeting or the house loan process! There�s also great online learning resources offered in English and En Espa�ol for a host of financial subjects.

With some lenders, the first time the thing is your paperwork may be at the closing table. With GTE Financial, we ensure you have enough time to read through all your paperwork ahead of time so you feel comfortable with what you are signing.

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